“Rich Knowledge – Precise Measurement”

  1. Physical Therapist in Charge System

  Your physical therapist personalizes a program for you under your doctor’s continued supervision.

  1. Partial and Total Point of View

  We care not only about the injured area but also the whole body.

  1. Well Educated and Motivated Staff

Our PTs are continuously improving skill through daily practice and continuing education.

At AR-Ex we believe that rehabilitation is the treatment designed to facilitate the process of recovery from injury to health as much as is possible. Our goal is to heal without surgery. More than 90% of patients have received conservative therapy, not operations.

When you visit AR-Ex a doctor will perform a physical examination to diagnose your condition to determine the best course for recovery. Precise measurements using MRI, ultrasound, x-rays along with tests for range of motion, strength and flexibility will be recorded. The doctor will then determine the best course of treatment and set precise goals. This information will be shared with the physical therapists who will then personalize your program and begin rehabilitation with the help of trainers. Doctors will supervise and confirm results with periodic checkups utilizing accurate data and measurements.

It is important to note that “taking a rest” is not very effective for recovery as some have argued. In fact, resting can sometimes make the problem worse from muscle loss and lack of flexibility due to inactivity. An important part of physical therapy is to keep active without injuring the problem area more during recovery. This is a process that we understand and are able to modify and supplement based on your particular injury. We offer exercising rehabilitations to improve flexibility, to develop muscles, and increase your range of motion for a better quality of life. 

Science and research says that people who are eager in rehabilitation result in higher recovery.  We think that the positive feeling of patients and medical staff is one very important factor for recovery.  We focus on making good relationships with patients and positive circumstances to reach the goal that we have set together.