Exercise for recovery and for a healthier life.

  1. Holistic Balance
  2. Personalized Program
  3. Aftercare Advice

At AR-Ex the focus is on improving the quality of life through proper exercise. The physical therapist will devise a personalized program with the sports trainer which is monitored by the doctor. Exercises for recovery, building strength and flexibility will be taught by the trainer and supplemented upon progression. The emphasis is on developing a holistically balanced program that can be continued with aftercare advice for life.

Before beginning, we perform a medical check to establish the best method of exercise. Our goal is to improve flexibility, muscle strength and balance to prevent a relapse and improve overall health. We think it very important that patients enjoy the exercise so the program will be made with your input.  The kind, length and variety of exercises will be modified depending on recovery and improved strength.

The type of exercise we use are continuous, symmetrical and whole body aerobic exercise centering appropriate muscle groups for strength and flexibility. Stretch before and after exercise is essential.  Before-exercise-stretch improves blood circulation and elevates body temperature so that you can move your body quickly and effectively.  After-exercise-stretch relieves muscle tension and enhances recovery.

After recovery, we recommend to continue exercising.  Regular exercise helps maintain a healthy condition and prevent future injury.  At AR-Ex we have a department to suggest personalized conditioning.  Please see the PCC page.  In addition we will be providing a YouTube channel that shows how to do exercises at home.